laurentbelkacem said: ah ah that was my company’s chant de marche in boot camp

quelle coïncidence! 

j’aime bien les chants de marche françaises

I was going to jump on the faute d’accord like a légionnaire on Diện Biên Phu, but being a French grammar nazi would be in bad taste (and note that I try, from time to time, to speak English with my awful French accent, or worse, in German, to the effect of “Bitte Sie geradeaus fahren, then turn sinistre, capisce? ¡Muchas gracias! und bonne soirée!”).

Joking aside, being an Army brat, I know most of those songs (including a lot of sea shanties)! 

Fun fact : I’m so uncoordinated I can’t walk in step, except when I’m drunk. Funnier fact : I was really drunk for most of my awaken time sous les drapeaux. 


My kind of technical. Source, via  #deuch #kiss #royale #rustique


Arsenal de Brest, circa 1999