My new training set – a huge evolution from my old one. SIG-Sauer P220 with Haemmerli woodgrips, SOG Powerlock multitool, Victorinox Soldier ‘08, two magazines, Peli 1920 tactical flashlight, Samsung hardened cellphone, compression bandage and gloves, PAVA spray.


Since the awful heatwave of June is depriving me of a good number of useful pockets, my EDC is a bit lighter than usual. I’m using the olive wood Opinel for eating, the Victorinox for tinkering and working.

Knives : Opinel N°8 (olive wood) and Victorinox Stayglow Huntsman

Flashlight : LRI Photon X-Light, still the best for EDC

Self-def : Pepper spray

Practical : simple flat wallet, Fred Perrin coin purse, keys

Geek : Samsung dumbphone, excellent runtime, fallproof and foolproof, Samsung tablet, still the best consumer electronic thingie I bought those last five years.


Pocket dump [edc] [personal]

– wallet & dumbphone

– CRKT Kert

– 4Sevens titanium whistle

– Photon X-light flashlight

– Bic firelighter in a inner tube cover

– Scoubidur impact tool

– Victorinox Ambassador 71 mm

– Telescopic pen

– Keys


My Maxpedition Mini RollyPolly isn’t compatible with my Camelbak bottle, but I discovered it makes a great pouch for my ereader or my 7” tablet. [edc] [geek]


An organized geek is a happy geek.

A Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer with a Micro Pocket Organizer EDC loaded with all the adaptators I need for geeking with my phones, tablets and cameras.


EDC Fall 2013 – Maxpedition, Photon, Samsung, CRKT, Fred Perrin coin purse, Casio watch. (1/4)


August EDC, back in black. Fred Perrin coinpurse, Samsung rugged dumbphone, ASP pepper spray, Wenger Evolution Soft Touch Swiss army knife, Peli 1920 flashlight, Caran d’Ache mechanical pencil.


I have a new phone. And the Samsung GT-C3350 is almost perfect to replace my smartphone since I’ve got a tablet now. It’s waterproof, more and less shockproof, battery got an incredible lifetime (I think around three weeks), it uses a standard microUSB for charging and ergonomy is nice. Oh, and it’s cheap and it accepts a microSD card up to 16 Go (and can be used as an USB key).

I got back to dumbphones because smartphones are great tiny computers but awful phones. Maybe, when voice analyzers à la Siri will get better, you won’t have to use the wonky ergonomics of something that pretend to be tactile but really is visual, but for the moment, it doesn’t work for me. When I’m using something that’s essentialy an audio experience (like my phone or an mp3 player), I don’t want to use my eyes to pilot it. I need big keys that I can feel and use without looking at it.

But Samsung has to ruin it somewhat. And they were particulary vicious with this model : it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack. It uses a microUSB headphone jack, and I really can’t undestand why. That way, you’re stuck with crappy Samsung handfree kit. 

I mostly use it for calling, sms and as mp3 player. As such, I would wholeheartly give it a 9/10. But since it doesn’t have a standard jack for headphones and handfree kit, I’ll give it only 3/10. 


July EDC (sported in a Maxpedition Royal blue/foliage Falcon II backpack) :

Maxpedition Fatty pocket organizer for cables organization and some geek accessories, and both hard drives.

Samsung Tab2 7” 

Samsung Galaxy Ace cellphone

Pocketbook Pro 602 ereader

LaCie HD 1.5 To

WD HD 2 To

Petzl Tikka XP2 headlamp

Panasonic Lumix GF1 

Bic firelighter

Caran d’Ache pen

Victorinox Stayglow Climber, razor sharpened with Spyderco Tri-Angle

ASP Keyring defender

Keys, Id & cash.

Edit : Casio G-Shock DW-5600BB