I can think ot two classical SF writers that can compete with the great Anglo-Saxons writers (Huxley, Orwell, Bradbury, Heinlein…) : Jules Verne and René Barjavel. They have both that strong vision and didactic style ; even if Verne is mostly SF by accident.

After that, we have some great storytellers, but no great writers like what can be found in Sci-Fi New Wave (Ballard, Disch, Dick, Brunner, Spinrad…)

I think the main difference would come from the nature of the writings ; a lot of French works are questioning the society and its evolutions (beginning far earlier than the American New Wave), while the American one is a lot more optimistic (apart from Cyberpunk subgenre) and with a tropism for space (and beyond !).

I don’t want to dismiss all the French SF litterature ; it’s only that, when in the Noir/Detective stories/criminal novels genre, we have great writers that can play on world level, Sci-Fi French writers don’t bring much to the table.

Of course, in cinema and comics books, the sci-fi creation is far more interesting and can be compared for its richness of themes and interogations to its US counterparts.



Des livres mis sur le trottoir. J’aime bien le Ellison. J’ai de très vagues souvenirs de Kampus, c’est dire si je suis un vieux con.


There are worst ways to begin the year than doing some yoga while binge watching the first four episodes of both future classic tv shows, Mozart in the jungle (in its second season, where Malcolm McDowell meets again his friend, the old Ludwig van) and James Corey’s The Expanse, which is probably the best thing to happen to sci-fi on TV since BattleStar Galactica or Firefly.


I’ve got some good music on my computer, almost 200 grams of nuts and dried fruits, an excellent book for which I accidentally picked the perfect bookmark, and still people pity me because I’m spending Christmas Eve alone. Fools !


themazette replied to your post“My  reading schedule for the next six months (I think) arlt…”

stranger in a strange land…en 1er…tu gnoqueras à merveilles…

Ah ah, je dois avouer que ça fait une éternité que je ne l’ai pas relu. Donc je me réjouis. Ce qui me surprend un peu a priori c’est qu’il n’y a que deux ans de différence entre Starship Troopers et Stranger in a strange land alors qu’ils semblent pratiquement contradictoires.

My  reading schedule for the next six months (I think)

arlt roberto-mad toy/the.epub
arlt roberto-seven madmen/the.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 01-consider phlebas.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 02-player of games the.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 03-use of weapons.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 04-state of the art the.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 05-excession.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 06-inversions.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 07-look to windward.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 08-matter.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 09-surface detail.epub
banks iain m-culture/the 10-hydrogen sonata the.epub
chardonne jacques-lettres a roger nimier.epub
clarkson jeremy-born to be riled.epub
clarkson jeremy-clarkson on cars.epub
clarkson jeremy-don t stop me now.epub
clarkson jeremy-i know you got soul.epub
clarkson jeremy-motorworld.epub
clarkson jeremy-world according to clarkson/the 01-world according to clarkson/the.epub
clarkson jeremy-world according to clarkson/the 02-and another thing.epub
clarkson jeremy-world according to clarkson/the 03-for crying out loud.epub
corey james-expanse/the 01 a-butcher of anderson station/the.epub
corey james-expanse/the 01-leviathan wakes.epub
corey james-expanse/the 02 a-gods of risk.epub
corey james-expanse/the 02-caliban s war.epub
corey james-expanse/the 03-abaddon s gate.epub
corey james-expanse/the 04-cibola burn.epub
correia larry-grimnoir chronicles 01-hard
correia larry-grimnoir chronicles 02-spellbound.epub
correia larry-monster hunter international 01-monster hunter international.epub
correia larry-monster hunter international 02-monster hunter vendetta.epub
correia larry-monster hunter international 03-monster hunter alpha.epub
correia larry-monster hunter international 04-monster hunter legion.epub
demuro doug-plays with cars.epub
disch thomas-1979-on wings of song.epub
doa-2004-ligne de sang/la.epub
doa-2007-citoyens clandestins.epub
doa-2009-serpent aux mille coupures/le.epub
doa-2015-pukhtu primo.epub
ellroy james-la 01-black dahlia/
ellroy james-la 02-grand nulle part/le.epub
ellroy james-la 03-la confidential.epub
ellroy james-la 04-white jazz.epub
ellroy james-lloyd hopkins trilogy 01-blood on the moon.epub
ellroy james-lloyd hopkins trilogy 02-because the night.epub
ellroy james-lloyd hopkins trilogy 03-suicide hill.epub
ellroy james-underworld usa 01-american tabloid.epub
ellroy james-underworld usa 02-cold six thousand/the.epub
ellroy james-underworld usa 03-blood s rover.epub
harrison harry-soleil vert.epub
heinlein robert-1959-starship troopers.epub
heinlein robert-1961-stranger in a strange
heinlein robert-1966-moon is a harsh mistress/
hesse hermann-demian.epub
hesse hermann-loup des steppes/le.epub
hesse hermann-magister ludi.epub
hook peter-unknown pleasures/inside joy division.epub
kloos marko-angles of attack 05-angles of attack.epub
le carre john-1977-comme un collegien.epub
le carre john-1986-un pur espion.epub
le carre john-1999-tailleur de panama/le.epub
le carre john-2001-constance du jardinier/la.epub
macleod ken-intrusion.epub
miles barry-call me burroughs/a life.epub
ringo john-council wars series 01-there will be dragons.rtf
ringo john-council wars series 02-emerald sea.rtf
ringo john-council wars series 03-against the tide.rtf
ringo john-council wars series 04-east of the sun west of the moon.rtf
ringo john-empire of man series 01-march upcountry.txt
ringo john-empire of man series 02-march to the sea.txt
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 01-hymn before battle/a.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 02-gust front.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 03-when the devil dances.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 04-hell s faire.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 05-eye of the storm.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 06-watch on the rhine.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 07-yellow eyes.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 08-tuloriad/the b.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 08-tuloriad/the.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 09-cally s war.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 10-sister time.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 11-honor of the clan.epub
ringo john-legacy of the aldenata 12-hero/the.epub
ringo john-looking glass series 01-into the looking glass.pdf
ringo john-looking glass series 02-vorpal blade the.pdf
ringo john-looking glass series 03-manxome foe.pdf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 01-ghost.rtf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 02-kildar.rtf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 03-choosers of the slain.rtf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 04-into the breach.rtf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 05-deeper blue a.rtf
ringo john-paladin of shadows series 06-tiger by the tail.epub
ringo john-troy rising 01-live free or die.epub
ringo john-troy rising 02-citadel.epub
ringo john-troy rising 03-hot gate/the.epub
simmons dan-hyperion cantos 01-hyperion.epub
simmons dan-hyperion cantos 02-fall of hyperion/the.epub
simmons dan-hyperion cantos 03-endymion.epub
simmons dan-hyperion cantos 04-rise of endymion/the.epub
stephenson neal-baroque cycle/the
stephenson neal-baroque cycle/the 02-the
stephenson neal-baroque cycle/the 03-the system of the


If you liked Heinlein’s Starship troopers, or Ringo’s Posleen War books, or Brunner’s dark tetralogy, you’ll probably love Marko KloosTerms of enlistment. It really is that good (and it’s pretty cheap).

Available at Smashbooks or at Amazon.