What I’m reading right now :

– Boulgakov’s Master & Marguerite – I’m reading this book every four or five years since I’m legally an adult, and everytime I forgot how good this is : witty, funny, subversive and well written. What’s really cool is how the story of the Devil’s visit to Stalinist soviet Russia is perfectly applicable to today’s France situation.

– Paul Williams’ Les Dossiers noirs du Vatican, a strong prosecution against the complicated relations between money, power and the Church. To be honest, I’m quite fed up with the standpoints (especially on gun control) of Pope “Che” Francis and I’m quietly envisaging to switch my fiscal religious afiliation to something a little less Marxist-Leninist, like LDS. Anyway, it’s quite interesting, even if it’s only skimming the whole corruption and scandals bowl that is the 1700 years old institution.

– And last but not least, Meccania, Le Super État (Meccania, The Super State) by Owen Gregory, a post-WWI forecasting dystopia that would make Orwell’s 1984 sounds like a rosy novel about brotherly love. It’s very easily found online, but I’m reading it in the very nice French edition by L’île oubliée that A. sent me last Christmas.