Yesterday’s BTW (2015-10-13) : 9 km in 25 minutes. Abject failure since, against meteo predictions, a violent storm fell on me on my way back home and a nice delivery guy picked me up very quickly. Mostly hills. Very nice ride to work.

Today’s BTW (2015-10-14) : sweater weather, 17 km in 45 minutes. Very nice ride, mostly hills (+211 meters, -260 meters), a lot of cows.

Did a good action, got rewarded by karma less than two minutes later by having a shock cord tightener’s hook caught in the back wheel, then exploding on the steepest hill in order to be stuck everywhere in the gears and spokes. And of course I forgot my multitool at work. The Spyderco worked very efficiently, if not elegantly.

wynfrith replied to your photoset :

They say Salt melt ice.   Spyderco Pacific Salt on…

How is that knife?

Oh, it’s one of my favourite in general. It’s mostly a Delica, so it’s a great package in a lightweight form, with the added advantages of being totally impervious to rust (there are only titanium, FRN and H1 ferrous alliage) and one of the last Spyderco you can open with a flick of the wrist.

The only trouble is that H1 “steel” got a very soft edge. I think it took me three years of regular sharpenning to get it hardened. So don’t expect to keep it sharp after using it over one or two tomatoes. It’s a bit like a Victorinox.


They say Salt melt ice.

Spyderco Pacific Salt on Moiry Glacier


Spydercos & effects.


I just realized where Sal Glesser found his inspiration for the Pacific Salt.


Spyderco Pacific Salt (H1 blade) and Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker.