This is the pair of shoes I want for casual, everyday life. But I’m not sure it’s allowed to aging, balding, ugly, fat men like me.

i’ve always preferred the team zissou edition

For a lot of reasons, I agree with you, even If  I could live without golden/mustardy laces.


I spent most of my Sunday on this stupid joke.

I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man… The Jungian thing, sir.

Soundomy ! 319 – Antilles-Fa, ah ! ah ! ah !

Une sélection raffinée oi & zouk avec quelques interventions détendues de Klaus Kinski.

Battery Cremil – Lan mou red
Œil Pour Œil – L’Usine
Francky Vincent – Fruit de la Passion
Chaos 83 – Jeunesse de France
Kassav’ – Pa bizwen palé
Evil Skins – Paris by night
Kassav’ – Kolé seré
La Souris Déglinguée – Saint-Sauveur
Singuila – Ma nature
Les Collabos – Tagadagada
Slaï – Dernière danse
L’Infanterie Sauvage – Les poings levés mais les poings liés
Taxi Kreol – Avan loraj
Warrior Kids – Adolescent
Zouk Machine – Maldon
Paris-Violence – Souvenirs
Ramdam – Mélodie créole
Adonis – Rondo Veneziano

MP3 / 90.3 Mo / 72′07″

[download link]

I heard somewhere that French hip-hop sounds like angry Smurfs. Does that mean French oi sounds like angry Gargamel ?


Wes Anderson striked back. I have to admit that I was very disappointed by The Darjeeling Express and a little bored by Moonrise Kingdom. But with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson get the occasion to bring to life another strange parallel universe.

Is it better than The Life Aquatic? That’s not possible, for a lot of obviously subjective reasons, and at least two half-objective ones : a better use of the cast and a better overall balance.

Still, Anderson set the bar high in commiting the best movie of 2014, and probably of the ’10s.

As with The Wind rises, a strong 10 for a Zero. [cinema] [wes anderson]


France : two wounded at the Life aquatic cosplay this week-end at Pont-de-Buis #billmurray #riot #ecotaxe


– Anne-Marie, do all the interns get Glocks ?
– No, they all share one.

The life aquatic with Steve Zisou.


Projection de The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, de Wes Anderson

#requin #billmurray #cousteau #seujorge

UTILOPIA (Rue de la Carrière 5/Fribourg) – 20h00 (18h00 pour manger)