Soundomy ! 305


01. FAUVE – Voyou

02. Phaeleh – So far away

03. Ernie K. Doe – Here come the girls

04. Big Boss Man – Humanize

05. Stupeflip – C’est un tube

06. Holograms – Flesh and bones

07. رجال القسام   جديد فريق الوعد   المكتب الاعلامي

08. Rodriguez – Sugar man

09. Space Cadets – NYM-PHO 

10. Disclosure – F for you (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)

11. Digitalism – Zdarlight

12. Rodolphe Burger – Eisbaer

13. Aufgang – Kyrie (Torb remix)

14. Chicha Libre – L’âge d’or

15. Noir Boy George – Bébé congelé

mp3 128kbps 44 kHz 69’02”

Soundomy ! 305 (right click/save as)


This spring or early summer I listened to Fauve – Blizzard (version longue)

And I found it very interesting – like about twenty new shiny things interesting the same week. 

I even bought the ep some time later, and I quickly forgot about it, lost in my cultural overload.

Two months later, it’s finally listened. About twenty times in three days. And when I try to listen anything else, I’m quickly bored and I come back to it.

Last time something in French done that to me was about twenty years ago, with Diabologum’s #3.

Having an analogical mind, I won’t be able to tell you what it is, but I could try to explain what it looks like. 

If you don’t speak French, you may not know it’s a language with a lot of defaults (one of the major one being it’s spoken mostly by morons).

It got a redeeming quality : its intrinsic poetry, complex rules and oratory rythmic as a bridge between germanic and latin  languages. 

French poetry is best poetry as french hip hop is best hip hop. It’s a matter of flow, rythmn, play on words.

With Blizzard, I found something evoking teenage angst with a twist. It’s clumsy (La Souris déglinguée clumsy). It’s not very manly, like the late (but early) Daniel Darc.

Think of The Smiths or Joy Div’ fueled with optimism, compassion, combativeness and great storytelling (on par with Neil Hannon).

Charles Trenet too was singing something hopeful, but France was on her knees, her economy in the shambles and her government overthrown by an omnipotent foreign empire. 

That’s not a situation we can relate to, today.


Arnaud Fleurent-Didier – France Culture

La Souris déglinguée – Nostalgiques

Les Wampas – Trop précieux

Stupeflip – Le spleen des petits

Blizzard EP :

Fauve – Blizzard

Fauve – Cock music / Smart music

Fauve – Nuits fauves

Fauve – Haut les coeurs

Fauve – Kané

Fauve – Rub a dub

hors EP :

Fauve – Sainte-Anne

Fauve – 4000 îles

Pâtisseries :

#1 Nuits fauves

#2 Novi Grad

#3 Caméscope

#4 Ulysse

#5 Fauve ?

#6 Blizzard 


« please keep quiet » – stage preparation for French hip-hop band Stupeflip.