I’m trying to catch up (but not with rotten tomatoes #badam tss) with movies today.

The Interview – was way better than I expected. Really funny scenes, like the Eminem interview, a good cast, smart dumbness… If you didn’t likeThe End  or despise both actors, don’t despair – they’re good, this time. 7/10

– Snowpiercer – I didn’t read the comics, I thought it was inspired by Arnaud’s La Compagnie des GlacesI honnestly wouldn’t have give this movie a chance if Jamie Bell weren’t in it. Despite it’s 2-D scrolling video-game progression and the political subtext I found as subtil as a Jean-Luc  Besson production, I merrely enjoyed the flick, mostly because the well-built characters, the good rythm and the reminiscence of Enki Bilal two good movies, Bunker Palace Hôtel (for the huis-clos) and Tykho Moon (for the dystopian aspects). 6/10

The SignalHer, I originsTranscendance, this kind of movies brush my interest but I just didn’t take the time to watch them. This one got me with its poster, but I watch it without really having an idea about it. It’s a bit slow, a kind of hipster sci-fi more than a thriller (it reminds me a bit of Moon or Chronicles), but I liked the characters and the storyline. 

Guardians of the Galaxy – is this the perfect movie ? Probably not, but I really enjoyed it. Like a cat, it got paws, claws and zero flaws. 10/10