Wes Anderson striked back. I have to admit that I was very disappointed by The Darjeeling Express and a little bored by Moonrise Kingdom. But with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson get the occasion to bring to life another strange parallel universe.

Is it better than The Life Aquatic? That’s not possible, for a lot of obviously subjective reasons, and at least two half-objective ones : a better use of the cast and a better overall balance.

Still, Anderson set the bar high in commiting the best movie of 2014, and probably of the ’10s.

As with The Wind rises, a strong 10 for a Zero. [cinema] [wes anderson]


Just saw The Wind rises, the last Miyazaki. I really liked it, and give it a ten. A ten for a Zero.

If you like Japan, design and the Mittel-Europa onirism generally associated with Studio Ghibli, you won’t lose your time, I promise.

And yes, the movie is rather long and a bit slow, but the pace is steady and there is no time to be bored, unlike with those overblown chronic masturbators moviemakers à la Malik or Refn.