wynfrith hat auf dein Foto geantwortet“It’s incredible how fast bike performances are coming back, even after…”

You should live here then because nobody tries talking.

Oh, I’m not that antisocial. I don’t mind having five or six social interactions a week, but over that threshold it’s getting really hard on me and pumping my energy.



Roxy Music – A Song For Europe

Ecce momenta 
Illa mirabilia 
Quae captabit 
In aeternum 
Modo dolores 
Sunt in dies 
Non est reliquum 
Vero tantum 
Tous ces moments 
Perdus dans l’enchantement 
Qui ne reviendront 
Pas d’aujourd´hui pour nous 
Pour nous il n’y a rien 
À partager 
Sauf le passé


So today was my official first bike-to-work day of the year, and it was obviously a disaster. I had to to fight heavy frontal winds in the hills, and I didn’t really worked these pesky bike muscles during the six-month winter (last B2W was in November, IIRC), so I really thought I was going to die, and it took me more than half an hour to bring my organism back to rest. 

Here’s my rig : a Princeton Tec Corona frontlight, a Petzl Nao on the head and a Petzl Tikka+ flashing red on the back. 

I think I will come back to my Wolverine backpack.

My plan for the moment is to keep a 2/3 walking 1/3 biking rythmn in order to stay in shape.



Moons in June
I’ve given up on that stuff
Arms have charms
But I’ve no hope of falling in love

The rest of life pales in significance
I’m looking for somebody with whom to dance
With whom to dance? With whom to dance?
I’m looking for somebody with whom to dance

I’m quite shocked to discover than one of the prettiest song of TDC is not a Neil Hannon song at all, but instead a cover of the other great songwriters of this century, TMF. Positively shocked.