I’m writing this on a Macbook – thanks to descampsdavid – and I’m kinda loving it. Of course, I’ve got some adaptation issues, and I can’t forget it cost a lot of money six years ago (the kind you have to bring to the store in a wheelbarrow, and you’re not even living in Harare or in Weimar Republic), but for a computer that old, or a computer punktschluss, it runs really nicely. I’m not at all missing the daily frustrations of my late Windows pc – you have to remember that with my French accent, I tend to use RageDit on Windows Hate – and I could see me be an Apple user again. Of course, I’m poor, so I probably buy a Whycomputer that will probably will be as good for 5 times less money.


My main pet peeve with Windows, those days (apart from my continuous complaints about general ergonomy and reliability) is the fact you still have to use this stupid little icon lost in the task bar in order to properly eject your external drives.

I know it’s kind of a superstitious action, but I’ve lost several files, and at least two hard disk drives while not respecting the formal ritual of the proper ejection.

Not only it’s as medieval as bone breaking wheel torture, but with the last iterations of Windows, the icon goes away for several seconds to proudly announce the success of the operation. 

Of course, most of the times, the ritual is a complete failure,since there are still over half a million of background process that are working while you’re done with your work since twenty minutes, leaving you mainly with an alternative : shutting down the computer or unplugging the hard drive disk while he’s still working (mostly a problem with my 2.5” hdd, since they are not independantly powered – I’d like to see LaCie offer a little battery to ease the switching off its disks).

Is it too hard, in 2014, for a giant like Microsoft, to offer its soul (and productivity) crushing operating system with a right-click option on disks icons to eject, and simultaniously kill all and every processes on said disks?

At the moment, the only thing that protect my Win 8.1 is that I’m too dumb to circumvent the secureboot and reinstall Lubuntu on it. And too poor to buy a new computer.

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One of the things I really, really love in a multitasking environment, say like Windows OS, is the incapacity of the thing you’re currently working on to stay on top of the priority list when in competition with newly opened applications.

Fucking attention whores.

Computers should be attentive, docile, benevolent, stupid, effective slaves. They’re now unleashed bouncing overweight kids screaming on top of their lungs while on sugar rush.


Ah ah! And now for the third black screen of the installation!  #windows8dot1


It’s been an hour now since this POC-PC decided to reboot without my consent. I really hate Windows 8.