wynfrith hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet“It’s probably because I’m French, but “Moms demand action” sounds like…”

For being French-Swiss your commentary on America is strangely accurate.

For the better or the worse I’m exposed to a lot of American culture. By the way, we have the same kind of weasels here.


wynfrith hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: My favourite legal case ever : United States…

Netflix has a documentary film of it, if it is the case I am thinking of…

I was thinking something less of a documentary, but more of a very weird movie, beginning like a traditionnal courtroom drama but quickly evolving to David Lynch territories when an animated dinosaur skeleton will answer the questions of the public attorney.


wynfrith hat auf deine Bilderserie geantwortet“You may remember that I made a quick review of Caran d’Ache Alchemix…”

I thought you liked and used the 849 as your carry pen? Also over the long term a fountain pen with a converter and bottled ink will cost less. It is not disposable, bottled ink versus ballpoint refills ounce to ounce is no question of which is cheaper, plenty of inexpensive fountain pens that work well, and can customize to what ink and nib you prefer. Just a thought.

I like my old 849 like I like an old Mercedes 200 (123) – it’s a workhorse. But recent ones are not as well made, and honestly I’ve been dissapointed by a lot of recent Caran d’Ache products (the worse was the Alchemix…). But the Goliath ink cartridge is not up to date compared to the competition. What was still state of the art at the beginning of the naughties is feeling like a gritty Bic Cristal now, when you have so many inkgel, rollerball, pressured cartridges, etc. available. I really like both my Kaküno and Pluminix from Pilot, but they are not efficient writing tool when I’m outside, and certainly not GMP-approved.

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Mac Mini is what I want! How is it?

You’ll have to wait about a week to have a serious answer. I have it only for three days, and I only found the correct screen adaptator yesterday, and I’m working almost non stop till monday, when I’ll have the time to really play with it. I have three goals for it : scanning my old negatives, make another dropbox point and video editing (my current computer is driving me crazy). But the first impression is very good, it’s quite fast and it’s not as frustrating as iOS to use. (Note à mes lecteurs francophones : un point bonus pour vous si vous être capable de me dire pourquoi j’ai choisi Cayenne de Parabellum pour illustrer  cet article).




I’m stuck with Windows 7 at work, and i have a brief encounter with the later iterations and I can say I 8 them very much.
Honestly, Ubuntu is not the perfection nor an all-around solution (still some quirks to fix before considering taking over the consumer market) but it’s honestly not that bad.
I’m rediscovering OS X since @descampsdavid gave me a Mac Mini.
Anyway, for 95 % of applications, all computers are good enough, including these cheap ChromeOS übernetbooks that cost the price of a meal in a good restaurant.



I can think ot two classical SF writers that can compete with the great Anglo-Saxons writers (Huxley, Orwell, Bradbury, Heinlein…) : Jules Verne and René Barjavel. They have both that strong vision and didactic style ; even if Verne is mostly SF by accident.

After that, we have some great storytellers, but no great writers like what can be found in Sci-Fi New Wave (Ballard, Disch, Dick, Brunner, Spinrad…)

I think the main difference would come from the nature of the writings ; a lot of French works are questioning the society and its evolutions (beginning far earlier than the American New Wave), while the American one is a lot more optimistic (apart from Cyberpunk subgenre) and with a tropism for space (and beyond !).

I don’t want to dismiss all the French SF litterature ; it’s only that, when in the Noir/Detective stories/criminal novels genre, we have great writers that can play on world level, Sci-Fi French writers don’t bring much to the table.

Of course, in cinema and comics books, the sci-fi creation is far more interesting and can be compared for its richness of themes and interogations to its US counterparts.



I’m not sure to quite understand your question – if your asking if I read it in French, I honestly don’t know if his books are available in other languages than English (he’s from Denver, Colorado).
Of course, L. Neil Smith is not the most known sci-fi writer, given he’s quite political (and not going in the S-F left leaning mainstream), and honestly, there are a lot of better writers on the market.
But anyway, his books are never boring, are quite well-put and well-thought out.
Given his taste for firearms – 10mm Auto will make a great comeback on Ceres in several years ;o) – I would compare him to several authors like John Ross (Unintended consequences), Larry Correia (Monster Hunters International), Stephen Hunter (Bob Swagger Trilogy), or Matthew Bracken (Enemies Trilogie).


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You should live here then because nobody tries talking.

Oh, I’m not that antisocial. I don’t mind having five or six social interactions a week, but over that threshold it’s getting really hard on me and pumping my energy.


wynfrith hat auf dein Foto geantwortet“I thought my phone was broken when it told me it was snowing at 5 AM….”

You can have my weather. Look up houston Texas for today. We are having a super event of supercell thunderstorms and rain. It started yesterday evening and has yet to stop.

There are only two things certain in life : death in Texas (but joking aside, I hope you’ll go through the storm without trouble).