When you see this light machine gun, the correct reflex is to go full zombie and to scream “BREN ! BREEEEENNNNN !


I really liked Dwight Schrute in Cooties, which is a very fun movie to watch if you have ever worked with children, have to endure on a daily basis screaming unruly children, or just have a mild hatred of those little sociopathic pests. It’s also the most epic Elijah Wood’s movie since Deep Impact.


Nicolas Godin’s Johann-Sebastian Bach inspired Widerstehe doch der Suende. It’s a long way from Air and its French Touch electro-easy listening tunes, but I kind of like this baroque-pop (bapop ?) direction. Don’t know what to think about the zombies surfers (zomfers ?).


In the brain, not in the chest

Headshots are the very best

Parce qu’il ne faut pas oublier que les zombies nous aiment beaucoup, surtout avec une petite sauce au poivre et des frites.

Les t-shirts sont enfin disponibles !